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update-pam and update-nsswitch

Hi to everybody, Giuseppe Sacco (eppesuig@debian.org) and me are writing
two small perl utilities to update the pam modules configuration and to
manage /etc/nsswitch.conf.

We'd like to know someone else opinion on these implementations,
and of course we hope to recieve good suggestions ;).

You can find our work on http://www.kobold.it/update-pam/ 
and http://www.kobold.it/update-nsswitch/

Our target is the auto-configuration of the pam modules and the 
NSS service for LDAP, NIS+ and other network environment. We think
that update-pam could be distributed with the libpam-runtime package,
but we aren't sure about update-nsswitch. Actually /etc/nsswitch.conf 
is provided by base-files.. 

Thanks in advance,

Fabio Tranchitella                         http://www.kobold.it
Studio Tranchitella Assoc. Professionale   http://www.tranchitella.it
1024D/7F961564, fpr 5465 6E69 E559 6466 BF3D 9F01 2BF8 EE2B 7F96 1564

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