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Re: unnecessary adoption by QA-team

* Erik Schanze (schanzi_@gmx.de) [040806 23:25]:
> I have noticed that QA-team adopt the gif2png package.

The QA group doesn't adopt packages, they are the _default_ owner of
any package and bug if nobody is the current maintainer. So, as the
package is currently orphaned, they are mentioned currently.

> A ready package, that solve this bug is already available.
> Why did QA-group adopt this package instead to sponsor my upload?

Well, finding a sponsor is sometimes rather difficult. I'm sorry, but
that's just the current situation. I know that it's rather frustrating
(and I can well remember the time where it was frustrating for me, and
I had to trap sponsors on IRC). I know that this answer is not as
nice as it should be, and I feel sorry for this.

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