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Watch file format issue and guide

It is available now on http://dehs.alioth.debian.org the html version of
- man uscan - that describes the Watch file format.

Dehs, for upstream version, uses an hacked version (but 100% error
message and watch format compatible) of uscan (you can find this tool in
devscripts debian
This because we have not a policy entry about Watch file format so
uscan is the de-facto standard for Watch file format. 
The Watch file concept was introduced by some tools in devscripts.
Actually the limit is that "man uscan" is the only standard about Watch
file. Did we (Debian Community) want to create/find a standard for an
official Watch file format for debian packages? I will adapt dehs to
following this official format if we find one.

P.s. you can alway start from the wizard generated watch file to create
you own.


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