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Re: wishlist: spamhaus SBL+XBL on d.o accounts

On Sun, Aug 29, 2004 at 07:18:18PM +0200, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Aug 29, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo@debian.org> wrote:
> >  But you, as Debian Developer, your email address is md@debian.org
> >  within the project.
> In which of our official documents is this stated?

It probably isn't in any of them. However, an informal survey of ten people
who happened to be nearby, when asked "Where would you expect to email a
Debian Developer about a Debian issue?", produced nine people who said
"debian.org", and one shrug.

Forget not our users - who are sometimes the sort to follow the obvious
path, rather than wanting to hunt all over creation. And I know that had I
phrased the question "Where would you expect to email the maintainer of <X>
package?" it might have been "the listed email for the package" - but that
isn't always how the question comes up.

I could care less if anyone ever writes from their @d.o email (I use it,
myself, as a specific indication that I'm speaking in my DD role, much
as certain people use specific addresses such as leader@d.o to indicate
speaking 'ex cathedra', as it were), but at least one set of our users,
when given a fairly obvious question, assumed that the @d.o emails would
be, if not a primary address, at least hooked up enough to get through to
the maintainer.

Me, I'd rather like to be able to filter on the mailserver before it
forwards, because otherwise some large portion of the spam (that scoring
above 10 on a non-Bayes SA run) just bounces off of my personal server with
a 550, and the mailserver gets cranky at me - rejecting earlier, with a
more sensible message to the user, would be rather a nice thing to do, IMO.
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