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Re: Wwwconfig-common, was: Re: Web applications

Le Jeu 19 Août 2004 19:50, Ola Lundqvist a écrit :
> Yesterday I did a reverse depends on wwwconfig-common and was a bit
> surprised. So many packages depending on my hack! I thought that maybe
> 7-10 packages depended on it, but not 48!!! Well some are my own but
> really not all of them.

it's because it's a marvelous idea, it's normative, and you can assume 
that the tool will evolve with the package it allows to configure. it's 
cool for a packager.

that's why we cannot really rewrite wwwconfig-common, but replace it with 
a new package, with new things in it.

wrt to the interpreter, I agree, we have not to depend on too much things. 
Shell scripts are fine, be we can use perl too (it's «standard») for 
example. But I like the sh thing, that with a bit of dialog, I think all 
will be just fine.
Pierre Habouzit

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