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Re: sbuild package

On Wednesday 04 August 2004 00:35, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> Well, basically it's what I did with that crap. Maintaining in two
> different places (sbuild and debootstrap) the list of base and
> build-essential packages is at least stupid.
> Michael Banck proposed to startup an alioth project for sbuild
> maintainership. I'd prefer to enlarge the maintainership
> to the whole buildd chain (aka wanna-build) which should become
> surely a standard package, not a woodoo macumba as it is currently.

Right, the wanna-build src package from cvs.linux-m68k.org must be 
group-maintained at alioth. It still has no Build-Depends line in its control 
file and still strictly build-depends by old packages like python1.5 from 
stable. Also the sbuild deb produced by this src package contains the tool of 
'andrea' whereas the sbuild 0.30 from unstable doesn't contain the andrea 
tool. I think that if we want two sbuild packages for some reason (which 
reminds me about dinstall and mini-dinstall), then the sbuild 0.30 package 
from unstable must be renamed as mini-sbuild or sbuild-lite or similar, 
otherwise the sbuild 0.30 in the unstable archive must be replaced by sbuild 
from wanna-build src package (I'm not sure why it can not be a drop-in 
replacement :-/). That wanna-build src package must produces the following 
debs: wanna-build, buildd, sbuild, andrea (currently bundled within the 
sbuild deb), quinn-diff, rbuild, and wanna-build-doc (upstreamed by 
http://m68k.debian.org/buildd/abstract/node2.html). It would be nice if this 
wanna-build thingie uses extensively debconf to ask for configurations. Hm, 
where to find sources and docs for the dinstall (not mini-dinstall) program? 
All these are after Sarge works of cource.

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