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Please participate in popularity-contest

At the moment, 6112 machines are reporting weekly to
popularity-contest with information on their installed packages, and
their architecture.  This is only a small fraction of the machines
running Debian today.  The results are available from


The collected information is among other things used to make sure the
most popular packages are early on the official Debian CDs.  To make
sure this order reflect our user base, it is important that as many as
possible participate in popularity-contest.

Please considier installing popularity-contest and answering yes to
participate. :)

The versions of popcon in sarge and sid reports the running
architecture.  The version in Woody does not.  It is interesting to
see the architecture distribution.  Here is the current distribution:

    1   0.02% kfreebsd-i386
    1   0.02% m68k
    1   0.02% s390
    2   0.04% mipsel
    5   0.10% arm
    5   0.10% mips
   10   0.20% ia64
   12   0.24% hppa
   20   0.40% alpha
   48   0.97% sparc
   69   1.40% powerpc
  218   4.41% amd64
 4550  92.07% i386
 4942 100.00% total (ignored 1170 without arch info)

Some archs could use more users participating. :)

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