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Re: Please participate in popularity-contest

* William Lee Irwin III

 > I've got hosts of various architectures, but they don't have
 > routable email. IIRC this relies on the host being able to send
 > email directly.  Any advice/tricks there?

* Petter Reinholdtsen

 > Not really.  I would recommend fixing your mail config, [...]

* William Lee Irwin III

 > You presume it's "broken". They're not intended to send or receive email.
 > No MTA's are installed, nor are any meant to be.

  Furthermore, last I checked the Sarge installer (beta 4, IIRC) the
 MTA was for some reason not capable of sending email to remote
 destinations.  Enabling the poularity contest would just result in a
 cascade of bounces with the message «Mailing to remote domains not

  I would assume this precludes most of our users from participating in
 the popularity contest, unless of course this default has been changed
 in the latest release candidate of d-i.

Tore Anderson

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