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Re: Release update

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 12:11:55AM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Hello world.
> One GR, some flame wars, and a debian-installer test candidate later,
> it's time for an update on the status of the sarge release.
> First, some bad news.  It appears to fall to me to inform you all that
> Anthony Towns has decided to step down as release manager for Debian.

This is a very sad news. Unfortunately he's not the only seasoned
developer who leaved in bad mode his position. Folks, I seriuosly think
many of us should think twice (take a deep breath and relax, follow
the Zen practices, what you'd prefer) before attacking personally 
other people in MLs. That's not a constructive way of doing things.
Duels are not solutions.

> Those of you who have followed mailing list discussions over the past
> months should not find it difficult to imagine why; the recrimination
> and hostility towards some of our most dedicated developers has been
> appalling, and the political bickering reprehensible.  Debian is perhaps
> the most successful community-driven distribution of all time, but if
> we're going to be able to continue producing high-quality releases, as
> I hope sarge will be, we need to start acting like a community again and
> show some respect for each other.
> Thank you, AJ, for hanging in as long as you did.

All true. Someone needs to keep his own head under a cold shower for 
some time or on a regular basis :)

>   15 September
>   Release
> And as far as the release itself goes, this looks like a good target to
> shoot for.

Go Debian go!

Francesco P. Lovergine

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