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Can't Write To Temporary User Settings Files During Install

I compiled a new kernel that included Compaq Smart Array support. I ran the
following rdev files on it (I got these from looking at the rdev.sh file on
the rescue floppy):

rdev -R linux 1
rdev -r linux 0
rdev -v linux -1
rdev linux /dev/ram0

I then copied the kernel onto the rescue floppy.

The install runs (and recognizes my smart array controller). When the setup
scripts start, however, it asks me for my keyboard type. When I try to
select it, I get the error:

       Can't write to temporary user settings file

I assume it means that it cannot write to the RAM disk (it wouldn't try to
write to the floppy, and the hard drive isn't even partitioned yet).

Any clues as to what's up?


A. Scott White
Director of Information Systems and Product Strategy
ACS Healthcare Solutions Group

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