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Re: apt-get problems

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Matthew Dalton scripsit:
>Frodo Baggins wrote:
>> It's not exactly the same thing, but I'd like to give you a warn (I
>> know, I know, I sould signal it as a bug... I'll do).
>apt-get downloads *.deb files to /var/cache/apt/archives, so you do need
>space there. It's not an apt-get bug, but it might be a documentation

Exactly my point :)

>> Then it seems to me that there are only two alternatives:
>>   make an huge /var partition, knowing that there will be a lot of
>> unused space after your installation is complete, or
>>   don't make a partition neither of /var nor /usr, make a huge /
>> partition and let the system use the space as it needs.
>third alternative:
>- make a directory /usr/local/apt
>- copy the stuff in /var/cache/apt to it:
>  $ cd /var/cache/apt
>  $ tar cf - * | (cd /usr/local/apt; tar xvf - )
>- after making sure that everything copied okay, delete everything under
>  $ cd /var/cache
>  $ rm -rf apt       # be careful with this!
>- symlink to the new location
>  $ ln -s /usr/local/apt apt
>Now apt-get will download packages and they will go on the same
>partition that /usr/local lives on.

Of course it will work.... But it's awful :))) moreover, the basic
user which never installed a unix cold have some problem doing this
who means switching from installation to a side shell...

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