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Re: 3c90x woes

what i do:

download the kernel source from ftp.kernel.org

download the 3com driver from www.3com.com

inside the 3com driver is a kernel patch , i believe its called path-2.2.5
or something, it works fine up to 2.2.16(what im using). patch the kernel
by copying the file to the source tree (usually /usr/src/linux) and run

patch -p0 <patch-2.2.5

then configure the kernel

you want to turn on support for:

 3c90x/3c980 B/C series "Cyclone/Hurricane/Tornado" support

it is located under network devices| ethernet(10 or 100mbit)

compile the kernel(make sure to configure the rest of it) 

and install it & reboot.

if you need more help with kernel stuff let me know or i can send you a
binary module for 2.2.16 if your using 2.2.16


then configure the kernel

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Raphael Crawford-Marks wrote:

raphae >I've installed Potato on a machine with a 3c905c-TXM PCI card.  I tried to
raphae >get it to work with the 3c59x module, to no avail.  Downloaded 3com's 3c90x
raphae >driver from their site, but couldn't figure out what to do with it (their
raphae >readme said to run install3c90x, a file that was not included in the .tar.gz
raphae >available for download on their site).
raphae >
raphae >Is there a way to get my card to work with the 3c59x module?  If not, does
raphae >anyone have a precompiled 3c90x module for the 2.2.14 kernel?
raphae >
raphae >Thanks,
raphae >
raphae >Raphael
raphae >
raphae >
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