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RE: Accton Cheetah PCI network card

Yah. I have an RTL8139 based card as well. I think the problem is in linux,
not the card, as I have them also in several other systems (running
Windows95 and Windows2000) and they work great there.
Upgrading the linux-box from Slink to Potato b2 made no difference (if
anything it's more unstable now).
The error I get is something related to the PCI bus, followed by an
interrupt error on the card. I thought it might be my mainboard (it is an
old machine) but now that others seem to have similar trouble I begin to
suspect the driver again.

J.T. Wenting

Murphy was wrong, things that can't go wrong will anyway

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> The funny thing is that the EN1207D which I think is made by SMC,
> is also a
> RTL8139.
> I don't like them that much, they seem to go dead during too much
> traffic (:
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