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Re: 128 bit encryption netscape?

128 bit encryption is not available directly from installing Debian
packages. There's a few options as far as getting the 128 bit

1) Install normally using the Debian package(s). This will install the
56 bit version. Then use the fortify packages (fortify and
fortify-linux-x86) to install the 128 bit encryption. The fortify
packages are in the non-US distribution, but it only works with versions
up to and including 4.72. The Debian packages will install to


2) Install by downloading the 128 bit version directly from Netscape.
This will be in the form of a tar.gz file and after extracting the file
to a setup directory, the included 'ns-install' script is run to install
the program to /usr/local/netscape (by default). 


3) If you want to install version 4.73 using Debian packages AND want
128 bit encryption, the fortify packages will not work for that version.
What you do can in that case (or with any version) is to also install
(temporarily) the 'direct from Netscape' tar.gz version just to get the
128 bit binary. You can then copy that binary over the 56 bit version
installed by the Debian package. I just did this today on my potato box
with Communicator 4.73. The binary copy was like this:

cp /usr/local/netscape/netscape


Mathew Johnston wrote:
> is there a 128 bit encryption netscape package floating around? I cant
> find it in my packages list.
> Thanks :)
> Mat.
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