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RE: Back up ideas???

Well, I have a Linux box in our department where all are M$ boxes. I
installed samba (2.0.7) and used cron to mount the shared M$ folders and
tar'ed the mounted filesystems into backup directories on the Linux box.
This was done during lunch when I was quite certain the M$ machines were not
in use. Again, after the backup process was completed, I used cron to umount
the mounted filesystems and executed a killall -9 smbmount to ensure that
all smbmount's have been 'killed' (I discovered that if the smbmount process
was still running when the next backup routine executed, I get an error and
the backup process just doesn't complete). Hoped that helped and I suppose
you can do the same for the Mac box.

A word of advise though, the 'shared' folders on the M$ boxes had to be
shared 'read-only' to 'The World', as for some reason, sharing by username
did not allow the Linux box to 'see' the contents in the mounted shared

Patrick Cheong

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> Hi, I am trying to set up a flexable backup system.  This requires that
> the  software is multi-platform (Win 98/NT/2000 Linux and maybe MacOS),
> and it (the server) must be easy to access remotely.  What I have now is a
> decent Machine Running Linux with a lot of disk space.  What I would like
> to do is have every one make a backup of the work they are doing daily,
> then I can burn a cd weekly for an archive.  Is there any thing out there
> right now that can do this type of job.
> Thanks,
> 		-Matt-
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