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RE: can't remove "directories"

There is one of these directories remaining, but its name depends on
how I try to list the contents of my home directory.  In Star Office,
it looks like a zero, the type with a slash through it, but when I
use 'ls -la' it looks like ??\?(

Can I delete it using its inode?  I don't recall how to do that, but
I can probably look it up if someone will tell me if that is the way
to do it.

It appears my careless attempt to delete these weird directories did
not do any damage to my system, and that it only deleted some of my
cvs stuff and my ~bin directory.



On 04-Jul-2000 00:14:19 Pollywog wrote:
> I installed the Opera browser and it put some weird looking
> directories in my user directory, and (yes I know I was stupid for
> doing this) I tried removing them with rm -rf ??* (in my user
> directory)
> The short story is I messed up my system but I don't know how badly
> yet.  How do I remove the remaining directory with the name "??\?("
> ?

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