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Re: [why is kernel recompilation necessary?]

Woo, so I can just do a 
make xconfig && make modules && make modules_install 

instead of 

make xconfig && make dep && make clean && make modules && make modules_install



On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Matthew Dalton wrote:

> By reasoning I would assume that all the kernel has is a 'generic module
> hook' that you can load any module into. Therefore, your sequence above
> should work. If it did not, how would you be able to use binary only
> modules such as the lucent winmodem driver?
> So in answer to your questions:
> Kent West wrote:
> > When you do a "make menuconfig" (or one of the other methods), and you
> > specify to include support for, say, a 3c905 NIC, as a module, are you
> > doing anything to the kernel, or are you just making changes to a script
> > to tell it to compile the module?
> You're making changes to a script. Of course, you have to compile module
> support into the kernel as well, otherwise it won't be able to load any
> modules.
> > In still other words, can you do the following?
> >   * use "make menuconfig" today to specify kernel options for a minimal
> > kernel, and not mark module stuff like NICs and sound cards, etc,
> >   * then "make dep" and "make zImage" to compile the kernel,
> >   * then boot off that kernel and run for a day or two
> >   * then come back in a day or two and re-run "make menuconfig" and
> > specify some modules
> >   * then "make modules" and "make modules_install" without compiling the
> > kernel
> >   * resulting in a working kernel that can use the modules compiled a
> > day or two later
> As long as you say yes to module support, yes.
> > In still other words, can you use "make menuconfig" to compile a minimal
> > kernel and then add modules later from whatever source even though you
> > didn't tell the kernel to expect these modules when you did the "make
> > menuconfig".
> Yes. That's how binary-only modules work.
> Matthew
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