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ATAPI device Unknown Error


I have debian running on an IBM IntelliStation, and am getting a
strange error from the cd-rom drive:

kernel: ATAPI device hdc:
kernel:   Unknown Error Type: No sense data -- (Sense key=0x00)
kernel:   No additional sense information -- (asc=0x00, ascq=0x00)
kernel:   The failed "Read Subchannel" packet command was: 
kernel:   "42 02 40 01 00 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 "

The message is repeated approx. avery 6 seconds. The pc was booted,
no cd was inserted, and no user is trying to access the cd drive.

Anyone know where the error might be coming from?

p.s. Please reply directly via mail, my mailbox can't afford to
subscribe debian-user...

Mikko Kilpikoski

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