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Re: ATA 66 support in Debian

Quoting Daniel Whelan <merlin@ophelan.com>:

> > i use Debian 2.1 slink but it looks that ATA66 doesnt work - HD  Maxtor
> Diamond Max. Is ATA66 supported in Debian, if so what to do ?
> It depends on the kernel you're using, Peter. ATA66 support was added
> sometime in the 2.3.x kernel series; the 2.4.0-test3 is the most recent.
> As far as I know, there is no ATA66 support in the 2.2.x series (perhaps
> there is a kernel patch though). Anyway, with a kernel that supports it
> I've had no trouble using it under debian.

   If you look in the potato directory, in the udma66 file, I believe
you'll find kernel-image-2.2.17pre6 (?), which has a patch for ATA66.


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