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I am attempting to connect my debian (potato) box to an NT network after
installing the base sothat I can use dselect to update and install programs.
Under Windows 95, I noted that the ip address under
Settings-->Network-->TCP/IP has been set to 'automatically obtained' and
there is no ip entered for Gateway or DNS. I have enabled DHCP (which I
think was successfully enabled since by doing an ifconfig I get more or less
the same results as I would using a static ip). A ping to the proxy ip and
the isp dns ip was successful as well. However, when I run dselect and
attempt to connect to http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists, I get an error
message about being unable to connect to the site. The proxy is M$ Proxy
Server 2.0 whilst the webserver is M$ IIS, I think.

I suspect that I need to be authenticated by the NT server before any ip
stream are allowed to continue to my Debian box. I came to this conclusion
because under Windows 95,  I can't browse using Netscape or Opera but can do
so using M$ Explorer (v5.0). I have search several web sites for the
solution but to no avail. Someone suggested to me using smb-NT-verify or
pam_smb to enable my Debian box to authenticate itself to the NT machine so
that ip streams can continue to be forwarded to the Debian box and not just
stop at the proxy server.

Would appreciate some help from the community which I have grown fond of.

Patrick Cheong

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