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RE: 'deep' exim rbl filtering

On 25-Jul-2000 Ari Heitner wrote:
> Someone must know how to do this.
> Exim has a lot of rbl support, but afaict from reading
> /usr/share/doc/exim/spec.txt.gz, that support only checks the delivering
> system. Which doesn't do much good for those of us who use fetchmail to get
> mail onto the local machine. (maybe i'm in fact wrong about this and exim
> already is doing what i want)
> The obvious thing to do would be a 'deep' rbl filter: look for *any*
> intermediate mailer in the header Received history that's on the rbl no-no
> list, and kill the mail.
> I don't see support for rbl filtering in the filtering language -- it seems
> to
> be only supported in exim.conf (too bad ... anyone wanna write it?).
> Nonetheless, it seems like about every 4th person on the planet should have
> this problem ... someone must have an answer, right?

If you have a UNIX shell account at your ISP, you can install Sixpack in your
home directory and it will use Procmail to do the RBL lookups when mail is


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