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"CHEONG, Shu Yang (Patrick)" wrote:
> Hi!
> ...debian (potato) box to an NT network...
> ...enabled DHCP...

> A ping to the proxy ip and the isp dns ip was successful as well.

So the router is allowing ICMP.  Have you asked your networking
support people what outward connections are being blocked at
the firewall/router?

> However, when I run dselect and attempt to connect to
> http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists, I get an error
> message about being unable to connect to the site.

> The proxy is M$ Proxy Server 2.0 whilst the webserver is M$ IIS, I think.

I think that the webserver is irrelevant to the

> I suspect that I need to be authenticated by the NT server before any ip
> stream are allowed to continue to my Debian box.

Have you asked the NT Admin if this is so?  Or is there some kind of
proxy-allow list on which you need to be?  At a former company,
HTTP-proxying, for a good long time, was on an allow-onto-the-list
One had to "log on" to the proxy server in order to get a

> ...under Windows 95,  I can't browse using Netscape or Opera but can do
> so using M$ Explorer (v5.0).

Was that, in Netscape, using

> ...suggested to me using smb-NT-verify or
> pam_smb to enable my Debian box to authenticate itself to the NT machine so
> that ip streams can continue to be forwarded to the Debian box and not just
> stop at the proxy server.

If so, you'll want to look into the SAMBA suite.

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