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"NOQUEUE: Authentication-Warning:"


I'm getting messages like this in my /var/mail.log.  Have been
ever since I recently upgraded to frozen.  Here's a sample of the
whole log entry:

Jul 23 14:12:19 sylvester sendmail[13262]: NOQUEUE: 
Authentication-Warning: sylvester.dsj.net: Host 
qmaild@mailstop.gwinnett.com [] claimed to 
be AutoTURN

I'm running sendmail 8.9.3-23 under Potato.  I collect my mail
with fetchmail 5.3.3-1.1 and proto ETRN.  

My ISP says it's a false message and that my Sendmail is looking
for something that his Qmaild isn't saying.  Can anyone help me
make this error go away?  

David S. Jackson                        dsj@dsj.net
It is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep
down Hollywood Boulevard at one time.

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