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About Kernel

I'm Marco and I would like to join the Debian world :), and in the while 
I'm collecting some informations. 
I have a question (much more a curiosity) about the kernel provided by
I know taht many distributions (as RedHat for example) use to patch the
kernel in their distribution, in a way that it could create incopatibilies
with the Official Linux Kernel during a kernel upgrade, i.e, using RH I
cannot upgrade kernel version using the patches I found @ kernel.org
Does Debian make the same? Are the official kernel patches compatibles?

In the (next) future I would like to contibute like a developer...
In view of this, which is the best Debian version to get started? frozen
or woody?

Thanks to all

see you soon
Ciao Ciao 


Marco Presi                      mail to: mpresi@fub.it
ICQ# 65987700                    IRC nick: zufus on #oltrelinux #linux-it 

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