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Re: [Q] virus susceptibility data

Olaf Meeuwissen <olaf@epkowa.co.jp> writes:

> Don't think so.  I'm administering the Debian boxes myself.  It seems
> their prime concern (for the moment?) is anti-virus software.  A
> system that runs any version of Windows 95 or better (is there? ;-)
> and has Norton Anti-Virus installed and running at least once a month
> is okay with them.

At least once a month is *not* enough -- our computer department
recommends updating the virus database once a *week*! (But then
consider that the anti-virus software can't detect new viruses like
the I LOVE YOU virus.)

> > The fact is that viruses are almost unheard of on Linux.  I've only heard
> > of 2 Linux-specific viruses in the last 3 years; neither has been seen
> > since 1997.
> Do you have any pointers?

Have a look at the AMaViS homepage
<http://satan.oih.rwth-aachen.de/AMaViS/>, they have a fine link list
there at the bottom.


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