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Re: Can't get WordPerfect installed

let me get this straight, you've installed, but it won't run? or it won't install?
(the 2d paragraph sounds like it won't install, but the 4th sounds like it's
installed, but won't load/run.)

if it's installed, the run command is ~/.xwp (with ~/ being the path to ".xwp").

if it won't install, let me know.


bentley taylor.


Cam Ellison wrote:

> I have the downloaded version of WP 8.  After untar-ing the files (tar
> -zxf **), I get what I assume to be the usual set of directories and
> files.
> However, when I start Runme, it first asks whether I have unzipped and
> untar-ed.  A response of "Y" gets an error message  ("No files to
> install", or something similar).  When I respond "N", it tells me to
> read the Readme file.
> I get this whether I run it as user or as su.  I am trying to run this
> from an xterm.
> I assume that there is some environment thing I have wrong.  When I
> installed the language module, it ran fine, but complained that it
> could not find libXaw.4.so (I think that was it), so it ran the text
> version, and installed everything.  Do I assume correctly that I should
> add that to my PATH?  It certainly exists on the system (in
> subdirectories of /X11R6 and /etc).
> I need help -- this is driving me crazy.
> Cam
> Cam Ellison, Ph.D., R.Psych.
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