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RE: Accton Cheetah PCI network card

I can't remember if my Accton EN1207D-TX-WOL card was labelled as 
'Cheetah', but I managed to get it working using a kernel module 
downloaded from Accton's site itself. The box the card came in said that it 
supported Linux, but they didn't even bother to put
the Linux kernel module and source on the install disk!  Weird...

- Chris Kenrick

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> Its an RTL8139...

Thanks, works like a dream. (The "Quick Installation Guide" claimed it was
an EN1207D, which according to the Ethernet Howto should use de4x5 or
tulip, so I tried those with all combinations of parameters I could think
off... Should this be reported as a "bug" in the howto's? Also, that is
IMHO the meanest part of the debian install - determining which network
card module to load for a network install. (Doesn't linux autodetect this
kind of thing once fully setup? Can this kind of functionality not be
included in the installation disks?))

Hugo van der Merwe

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