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Re: Background mail transfers

Hi All,

  A quick question on the verge of this discussion ... I am about to setup fetchmail to collect my email from my ISP via diald (as described in this thread) but would also like to redistribute the mail once collected to individual user accounts based on the alias (contents of the mail "To:" field). Does anyone have a fetchmailrc or similar script that does this (also - what user account does it run under?).

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"Stephen A. Witt" wrote:

> Well, I'm sure there are a lot of ways around this. What I do is to use
> diald to allow on demand connections to my ISP. I then have a cron job
> that runs fetchmail periodically to get the mail about 4 times a day.
> Additionally I wrote a little perl script that runs when I log in (started
> by kde) that will get mail if the network connection is up every 10
> minutes. diald is a nice solution as you are not controlling connection.
> When fetchmail, or any other application requiring network access, is
> finished, diald will end the connection. diald allows one to do other
> things automatically also. I run leafnode so my machine is a USENET news
> server. leafnode gets the news in the middle of the night and I can read
> it from a local disk whenever I want to and not have to put up with
> downloading news in real time.

And how do you post news messages? Does leafnode do this yob for you too?

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Could you send your perl script please?


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