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RE: advanced power management and linux?

On 27-Jul-2000 Krzys Majewski wrote:
> I'm researching new hardware for my linux box. I live in a small apartment
> so my main requirement is that the damn thing be quiet. Does anyone have
> reports of advanced power management working under linux? I know that is 
> in principle supported, but what are the results? The quietest machine I've
> seen 
> was an IBM aptiva running windows, it was capable of shutting down
> everything when it went to sleep, as far as I could tell. 
> Presumably the cpu fan was still going (?)
> but I couldn't hear it. Tell me what kind of hardware you have and how
> quiet it is!  

hdparm can put a hard drive to sleep
if the bios on the computer can talk to linux apm it can be suspended and
controlled that way
aptivas are strange beast with odd hardware, good luck with getting linux on
them I had a world of a time getting Windows happy on them.

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