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I've installed kernel 2.2.16 on my slink box with the intent to do
bridging between my three network cards (SMC Ultra x2 and RLT8039 x1).
I've done it successfully with a 2.2.8 kernel I think but thought I
would try it with the newer one. Each of the network cards is compiled
as a module.

After bootup I found something unusual - "Interface br0 bound to
interface xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx" (ethernet address). Now when I issue the
command brcfg -ena it only says it's briging on the one interface. All
the cards are in promiscuious mode. As you would expect there is no

Our of curiosity I did ifconfig brg0 192.l68.1.4 (spare ip) out of hope
of it being a bridging interface. 

Can anyone shed any light on the situation. Oh yeah, bridging is enabled
in the kernel.

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