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Re: begone ctrlaltdel!

In article <cistron.20000709115620.A952@hoopla.ruptured-duck.org>,
Bob Bernstein  <poobah@ruptured-duck.com> wrote:
>I am finding the latter to be correct here. The '-a' arg to shutdown strikes
>me as not very useful, since the presence of a root login will circumvent
>whatever is in /etc/shutdown.allow. It would seem to me that it is precisely
>_when_ root is logged in that an inadvertant or unauthorized ctrlaltdel
>reboot would be most unwelcome.

But.. you have an open root shell! That someone presses ctrl-alt-del is
the least of your worries, they could simply enter "shutdown -r now".
Or "rm -rf /". Or "echo 'toor::0:0::/:" >> /etc/passwd. Or ....

>I suppose the moral of the story is, "Don't leave root logins unattended."
>(But wouldn't it be simpler to have, as a possible line in
>/etc/shutdown.allow, "none"?)

Simply don't use the -a switch then.


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