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Re: Background mail transfers

"Stephen A. Witt" wrote:

> Well, I'm sure there are a lot of ways around this. What I do is to use
> diald to allow on demand connections to my ISP. I then have a cron job
> that runs fetchmail periodically to get the mail about 4 times a day.
> Additionally I wrote a little perl script that runs when I log in (started
> by kde) that will get mail if the network connection is up every 10
> minutes. diald is a nice solution as you are not controlling connection.
> When fetchmail, or any other application requiring network access, is
> finished, diald will end the connection. diald allows one to do other
> things automatically also. I run leafnode so my machine is a USENET news
> server. leafnode gets the news in the middle of the night and I can read
> it from a local disk whenever I want to and not have to put up with
> downloading news in real time.

And how do you post news messages? Does leafnode do this yob for you too?

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Could you send your perl script please?


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