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Re: advanced power management and linux?

At 12.17 28/7/00 -0700, Krzys Majewski ha escrit:
>> 	It's very hard to guess. If you want silence, you live in a small
>> apartment and you have some extra cash, buy a laptop and you'll get in love
>> with it (but check the hardware, do not get a winmodem with it!).

	If you have to 
>This is very interesting! I hadn't considered laptops but now I will.
>Does anyone else have experience with running linux on a laptop?

	It's the same than with PC's but with more strange stuff like infrared,

>Can I hook up my parallel-port ZIP drive to a laptop?
>Can I hook up my monitor? My keyboard? My mouse?

	Check the Laptop HOWTO, the Hardware compatibility howto and get some
ideas in the Linux on Laptops

>If I keep the laptop plugged in the whole time is the battery simply 
>ignored, or does it slowly drain or leak acid over the years? Note I
>have no intention of using this putative laptop anywhere other than my
>desk, but it would be really exciting to have one!

	If you have the battery inside and you work plugged, the battery goes
little-charged. You stop and you start again a day after. The power of the
battery has discharged a little bit.

	This is very bad for batteries. If you are going to work at home, take the
battery off the laptop.

	But once every two months, for example, use the battery until starts to
complain it's low.

What are some good display technologies, 
anyone have
>experience sitting up all night staring at an lcd screen? Can you still see?

	TFT is somewhat better than DTSN, but it's also somewhat 175$ (Catalan
market) more expensive than DTSN. I use DTSN  and it's better for the eyes
than a regular monitor.
	But... fast things that appear on screen go blurry. If you play Quake,
you'll have the same experience that if you'd play Quake very drunk.

	Ah, an important thing:

	If you are going to buy a PC, never trust the vendor or the techical
support! Never! Never! You can end up with propietary and cheap hardware as
I did _twice_.

	All Satellites from Toshiba had Windmodems!


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