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Re: advanced power management and linux?

> 	It's very hard to guess. If you want silence, you live in a small
> apartment and you have some extra cash, buy a laptop and you'll get in love
> with it (but check the hardware, do not get a winmodem with it!).

This is very interesting! I hadn't considered laptops but now I will.
Does anyone else have experience with running linux on a laptop?
Can I hook up my parallel-port ZIP drive to a laptop?
Can I hook up my monitor? My keyboard? My mouse?
If I keep the laptop plugged in the whole time is the battery simply 
ignored, or does it slowly drain or leak acid over the years? Note I
have no intention of using this putative laptop anywhere other than my
desk, but it would be really exciting to have one! Last I checked the
displays were getting pretty good too, so maybe I could junk my monitor 
while I'm at it. What are some good display technologies, anyone have
experience sitting up all night staring at an lcd screen? Can you still see?

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