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(solved) Re: simple dhcp questions...

Thanks for the help!

For the record, to get it to work I had to do 2 things...
1. Add an entry in my ipchains rules to allow broadcast input over
eth0 to pass through. (I had been previously dumping them since they
seemed suspect).

2. Move all references in the dhcp.conf from freindly names to numeric
names, as well as explicitely placing each one in the host section
(the "globals" weren't working for whatever reason).

Took me a while, but persistance prevailed. :)  Thanks again....


On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 04:09:25PM -0500, Jens B. Jorgensen wrote:
> That is weird. The option routers line is indeed supposed to set the default
> gateway. This works fine for me.

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