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Re: apsfilter and dselect

On Wed, Jul 19, 2000 at 12:52:13AM -0500, Charlie Ebert wrote:
> I'm having a hard time printing and decided to use
> dselect to load apsfilter.
> When dselect ran the configuration for apsfilter I noticed
> that several programs apsfilter used were not there.
> g3cut
> html2ps
> pnmtolps
> ras2ps
> recode
> bunzip
> compress
> melt
> pack
> Of this list, html2ps and recode I found on the potato directories and
> installed them.  The rest, I'm not sure about.  I couldn't find them.

They are not there.

> It occured to me that we should make suggested selections of these other
> programs when people install apsfilter.  In-fact, I would have a tendency
> to make them actual dependency's of apsfilter. There was quite a list of
> them
> and these were the only ones missing.

compress == ncompress in debian, I believe melt and pack are
compressionprograms. bzip is the same as bzip2 (more or less), which you
have, and the others are some graphicsfilters AFAIK.

It might be a good idea to suggest all these packages, but they are not
really needed.

The compression utils are so you can print conpressed files with the lpr
command, e.g.: ``lpr my_novel.tex.bz2'' for example.
You could just as well manually bunzip it instead.

Go have a look at http://www.freebsd.org/~andreas/apsfilter for more on
apsfilter, it's a really nice program.

> It also occured to me, either I don't know how to search for a program by
> name
> using dselect or there is not feature to search for a program by name using
> dselect.

There is: ``/'' gets you a promt for somthing you wanna search for.
It is documented within dselect.

UNIX, reach out and grep someone!

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