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Re: "Cannot find map file"

chris> What does this mean? -chris
chris> Jul 25 08:42:33 cr275960-a kernel: Cannot find map file.
chris> Jul 25 08:42:33 cr275960-a kernel: No module symbols loaded.

Marcin> I think You didn't copy System.map from /usr/src/linux (or anywhere you have
Marcin> kernel sources) to /boot or changed  line: map=/boot/map in lilo.conf to
Marcin> something else.

Some serious confusion here!  lilo (and /boot/map and the lilo.conf
line mentioning it) has absolutely nothing to do with this.  And if
you install kernels the Debian way (via make-kpkg) it creates a
/boot/System.map file for you.  So really the correct answer is:  
man make-kpkg. 

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