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Can't get WordPerfect installed

I have the downloaded version of WP 8.  After untar-ing the files (tar
-zxf **), I get what I assume to be the usual set of directories and

However, when I start Runme, it first asks whether I have unzipped and
untar-ed.  A response of "Y" gets an error message  ("No files to
install", or something similar).  When I respond "N", it tells me to
read the Readme file.

I get this whether I run it as user or as su.  I am trying to run this
from an xterm.

I assume that there is some environment thing I have wrong.  When I
installed the language module, it ran fine, but complained that it
could not find libXaw.4.so (I think that was it), so it ran the text
version, and installed everything.  Do I assume correctly that I should
add that to my PATH?  It certainly exists on the system (in
subdirectories of /X11R6 and /etc).

I need help -- this is driving me crazy.



Cam Ellison, Ph.D., R.Psych.

cam_ellison@uniserve.com  or cam@fleuryassociates.com

>From the lovely Sunshine Coast, where it only SEEMS to rain.


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