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RE: advanced power management and linux?

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> From: Hans [mailto:hansfong@zonnet.nl]
> Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2000 12:22 AM
> To: Krzys Majewski; I. Tura
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> Subject: Re: advanced power management and linux?
> Laptops are noisy too and cost a bundle + you have to buy cards (modem,
> network, scsi). You can buy two desktops for the price of one notebook if
> you shop around (I can buy at least three, but hey, I'm Dutch, I watch
> every penny :-).

I agree.


> Tip 1: stay away from Quantum HDs, all the ones I've had start whining
> after a while.

Most of them are loud even before this while. :)

> IBM is what I use now and they are much better, but not perfect either.

I recently bought 2 9GB IBM DNES-30917W (7200RPM, LVD) for my little 24/7
server, which has to reside in the living room. They may not be the fastest
but cheap and silent they are. Add soft-raid and you have all you could

A rule of thumb seems to be to use more but slower devices for hds, fans,

> Tip 2: try to run the CPU fan on 7 volts instead of 12 volts. Slow down is
> marginal, noise reduction is huge.

Wouldn't do it, but that's just me. It really helps...

> Tip 4: use hdparm with the -S switch to suspend HDs after being idle for a
> while.

May not be too good for the hds, depending on the hds, of course.

You should rather get a specially opimized PS or put a high-quality
fan in. I still can't believe how much difference that did make.


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