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'deep' exim rbl filtering

Someone must know how to do this.

Exim has a lot of rbl support, but afaict from reading
/usr/share/doc/exim/spec.txt.gz, that support only checks the delivering
system. Which doesn't do much good for those of us who use fetchmail to get
mail onto the local machine. (maybe i'm in fact wrong about this and exim
already is doing what i want)

The obvious thing to do would be a 'deep' rbl filter: look for *any*
intermediate mailer in the header Received history that's on the rbl no-no
list, and kill the mail.

I don't see support for rbl filtering in the filtering language -- it seems to
be only supported in exim.conf (too bad ... anyone wanna write it?).

Nonetheless, it seems like about every 4th person on the planet should have
this problem ... someone must have an answer, right?

Please cc: me on replies to the list.


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