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Audio CD's won't play

How do I get my music CD's to play?  I'm running Debian Woody.  My cdrom
is a Plextor SCSI.  I've got scsi support built into the kernel.  I added
generic scsi as a module.  My sound is working.  I noticed after I
installed that I had no /dev/sg* files so I ran makedev and said to
install generic scsi.  Now I have the sg* files and they are set to root
owner and cdrom group.  The permissions are set to 660.  I have added
myself to the cdrom group thinking that would solve the problem.  But when
I put an audio cd in and run the cd player, I get the following message:

Error accessing cdrom device.  Please check to make sure cdrom drive
support is compiled into the kernel, and that you have permission to
access the device.  Reason:  No such file or directory.

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