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Re: Background mail transfers

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Simon Michael wrote:

> hmm.. surely fetchmail normally would take this in stride, re-fetching
> the message next time ?

Whoops!  Embarrassing admission time.

Your remark above triggered the thought processes and I've work out what I
think happened.

I am not yet using the linux mail processing as my main mail handler until
I'm satisfied that it's working properly so I have set fetchmail not to
delete mail from the server.  But I also download the mail using OS/2
which then deletes the mail from the server.

So I suspect that having chopped off Fetchmail's download leaving half an
e-mail I subsequently re-booted into OS/2 and downloaded the mail.  This
would have then deleted the mail from the server so that the next time the
mail server was checked using Fetchmail the e-mail as mentioned above was
no longer there.

I hadn't thought that through when I posted to this list.

Apologies all round.  If you ignore me I may go away!

Barry Samuels

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