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Re: [Q] virus susceptibility data

On 18 Jul 2000, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:

> I'm looking for any kind of info on vulnerability to viruses on Debian
> and/or Linux.  Pointers to anti-virus programs are also very welcome.

There are no anti-virus programs because there are no viruses.  There are
a variety of security holes that crop up from time to time, but Windows is
far worse.

> If I can't convince some people here at work, I'm about to be told to
> disconnect from the net or use (heaven forbid!) Windows for any kind
> of internet activity beyond our firewall.  And that seems to include

This shows a remarkable lack of cluefulness on the part of your network
staff.  I wish you luck, but they appear to be so stupid that you will
probably not have much success.

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