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Re: [Re: editors and browsers]

I am using Mozilla and I am very dissappointed with it. It is quite unstable
and the interface looks extremely boring.
It is less usable than Netscape 4.7. I wish there were a browser that is
for Linux what Microsoft Internet Explorer is for windows only without the
proprietory extensions.

Thomas Kirsch

André Dahlqvist <andre@beta.telenordia.se> wrote:
On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 12:56:22AM +0200, I. Tura wrote:

> >2. Are there any graphics based web browsers available for Linux
> >other than Netscape? If yes, are there "release versions" of these
> >browsers?

Check out Mozilla. It's of course a project started and funded by
Netscape, but their browser is a *major* rewrite since netscape 4.7.
Mozilla is also very usable these days, and bugs gets fixed each day. I
would recommend that you download one of the nightly snapshots and try
it out. http://www.mozilla.org

// André

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