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Re: /bin/kill : Where art thou?

Not sure which Debian version you're running, but in both potato and
slink it should be at /bin/kill according to the output of 'dpkg -L'. 

In potato, /bin/kill is in the procps package, while in slink it's in
bsdutils. In both potato and slink there is also a /usr/bin/skill, and
it's in the procps package.

for potato:
root@newdebian:~# dpkg -L procps      

for slink:
root@newdebian:~# dpkg -L bsdutils


"Eric G . Miller" wrote:
> I seemed to have lost /bin/kill.  Now, I have /usr/bin/kill, but "poff"
> (and possibily others) are looking for /bin/kill.  I fixed poff, but I
> don't know what else might get broken due to the disappearance of
> /bin/kill.  Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the
> "movement" of kill?  I'd think I'd still want a /bin/kill in case /usr
> isn't mounted.  The culprit seems to be "bsdutils", but I'm not sure.
> Ciao,

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