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CD-RW (scsi emulation) & Autofs

	Hi All!

	I have a weird problem going on: I have two kernels in my box.
Both of them are exactly the same, but one of them has SCSI emulation,
SCSI generic, SCSI CD, etc... compiled in so that my CD-RW (which is
ATAPI) would work (CD-Writing-howto).
	In one kernel (no SCSI-bla-bla-bla) I have autofs working great,
however, in the other one, autofs is NOT working at all! But, I could
manage to probe my CD-RW. I also have a CD-ROM, which was probed as well.
Actually, the probing during the bootup seems quite strange (even though
cdrecord -scanbus reports what it should...): it probes 15 devices!!! 7 of
them are my CD-RW and the other 7 are my CDROM!!!

	Any ideas?!

P.S.: Reply to this address. I am not presently subscribed to the mailing
Daniel Doro Ferrante              email: ferrante@barus.physics.brown.edu

		Physics Graduate Student - Brown University
	Course of Molecular Sciences - USP: http://www.cecm.usp.br

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