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Re: cannot compile ppp-2.4.x

Pollywog <pollywog@shadypond.com> writes:

> On 20-Jul-2000 Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:
> > On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Pollywog wrote:
> > 
> >> 
> >> On 20-Jul-2000 Pollywog wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> >       are you going to produce .deb's? 
> >       Do I need ppp 2.4 for a dialup conection?
> >       Do you know if 2.3.11 works with kernel 2.4?
> >       Sorry for so many questions, but I would like to try the new
> > kernel and I didn't only because ppp!
> The 2.3.11 Debian package is all you need (2.2.x kernel or newer) if you just
> want regular ppp.
> I need the newer package only because I am trying to install the PPPoE module
> on a test kernel.  I have the module installed, but I am unable to compile the
> 2.4.x ppp even though I am using the compilers from Woody.
> --
> Andrew

In the file linux/Documentation/Changes, you can find the following

  The PPP driver has been restructured to support multilink and to
  enable it to operate over diverse media layers.  If you use PPP,
  upgrade pppd to at least 2.4.0b1.

So I believe that he new version of PPP is needed if you want to PPP
under 2.4.0.


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