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Re: Audio CD's won't play

+ Jeff Self <jocknerd@home.com>:

> Error accessing cdrom device.  Please check to make sure cdrom drive
> support is compiled into the kernel, and that you have permission to
> access the device.  Reason:  No such file or directory.

I had Audio-CD problems by myself since yesterday too. Now it works.

I guess you try it with gtcd, the gnome-cd-player, right? You should
check, whether the settings are correct. You can select the used cdrom
device. But there is no /dev/sg* on my system only /dev/scd* for SCSI
devices. There should be a (recommended) link from /dev/cdrom ->
/dev/scd0 or whatever your CD-ROM is. Check 'dmesg' for this issue. Most
cd-players use /dev/cdrom by default.

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