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Bad symlinks with CD-RW's

I give up; there must be some secret club that knows the trick here. I
cannot seem to get symlinks to a directory to come out on a CD or even in
an iso9660 image. These are relative links - the obvious frozen -> potato
in a directory. I have been trying to get this to work for about two
weeks; I have the man page memorized, had a long email argument about
semantics with the maintainer of the package (for whom it was apparently
worth his time to argue but not to actually try to explain the program to
me) and I believe I have tried every possible combination of options. I do
not have any microsoft and no other way to run the CD burner ...

 Here is the most recent version of the command (which I have been fooling
with for so long it has been elevated to a f*ing shell script@#@%$%)


mkisofs -f -J -T -r -l -V EFILinux_2.2 -P EFI-Systems -b boot/rescue.bin \
-c boot.catalog -o /disks/EFI-image/EFI-1.0-i386.raw /disks/EFI;

exit 0 

This one actually makes an unbootable CD that has an empty binary-i386
directory.  Removing the -r makes every file executable, including the
empty links which don't go anywhere.

  any clues?


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