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Re: anyone knowledgeable enough pls help!

For the starting of x-windows, I guess you could but startx in .login in
the users home-dir.
The netscape part it quite a bit more difficult ( I guess you can start it
using .Xsession or something, but you'll have to check the docs of that
for more info), the closing part, here the idea I got on that ( I can't
provide it to you because I'm not good at c):

Create a c-program that starts netscape and include signal.h that
intercepts the SIGTERM, when the SIGTERM arrives the user is prompted for
a password (netscape will be closed at that moment), if the
password is correct, the program is terminated and netscape isn't running
anymore, if the password is incorrect, netscape is restarted. 

Perhaps this can be of any help.

Ron Rademaker

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Joseph de los Santos wrote:

> I'm going out of my mind....
> when a user logs in a terminal this is what will happen:
>  -automatically starts x-window, all keybindings and or hotkeys will be
> disabled, run netscape and it can't be closed without asking for the user's
> password. Can a script be used for this? and anyone kind enough to show me?
> Also, Maybe this can be done by adding/modifying xmodmap in the user's
> .xinitrc? if so, how? any help with be greatly appreciated.
> btw, what's the difference between keycodes and keysyms?
> Thanks in advance :)
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